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oh Well

Fritz & Co.'s latest release "oh Well" is the first single from the new album "Pickin Up the Pieces".   Smooth slide guitar, dark lyrics, and powerful instrumentals walk listeners through one corner of the mind of Logan Fritz.


Fritz & Co.'s sophomore album is a deep, introspective journey through the angst and hopelessness that accompany coming of age. Lighthearted numbers such as "Silverball #23"  and "Sweet Rock'n'Roll" demonstrate the band's lively nature while darker songs such as "Record Low" demonstrate Fritz's vocal power and deep, evocative lyrics. 


Fritz's first release as a full band captures the youthful energy and inspired, captivated soul of a young songwriter with a powerful message to deliver. The title track "Our Beating Hearts" reminds listeners that Fritz is an expert wordsmith. "Devil's in the Deep End" showcases the hard-won instrumental abilities that the band delivers--both in the studio and in live settings.  

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