Fritz & Co.'s latest release "Stateline Stumble" pays homage to the birthplace of country music. Smooth steel guitar, lighthearted yet clever lyrics, and powerful instrumentals walk listeners through a day of fun in Bristol, VA into a raucous night in Bristol, TN. 


Fritz & Co.'s sophomore album is a deep, introspective journey through the angst and hopelessness that accompany coming of age. Lighthearted numbers such as "Silverball #23"  and "Sweet Rock'n'Roll" demonstrate the band's lively nature while darker songs such as "Record Low" demonstrate Fritz's vocal power and deep, evocative lyrics. 


Fritz's first release as a full band captures the youthful energy and inspired, captivated soul of a young songwriter with a powerful message to deliver. The title track "Our Beating Hearts" reminds listeners that Fritz is an expert wordsmith. "Devil's in the Deep End" showcases the hard-won instrumental abilities that the band delivers--both in the studio and in live settings.