Logan Fritz


Logan Fritz is the founder of Fritz & Co. An extremely talented songwriter and musician, he writes songs that reflect deep emotion and personal experience that stem from his single parent upbringing, the familiar themes of love and loss, coming of age, finding himself through trial and error and trial again, all distinctly flavored with the influence of the Appalachian Mountains that he calls home. Logan currently lives in Abingdon, VA. He began playing guitar at age 11, and started performing for an audience at 14. As a soloist, Logan first played Bristol Rhythm & Roots in 2014 and with a band every year since. He won the Richard Leigh Songwriter’s Rising Star Award in 2014 and was a Richard Leigh Songwriter’s finalist in 2017. Logan plays a Loar LH 250 acoustic guitar, a Loar LH 309 hollow-body electric, & a 1972 Fender Telecaster Deluxe reissue. Other than writing and performing, Logan loves playing pool, bowling, air hockey tournaments with his pals, & seeing other local and national acts. His vast musical influences include: Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Dr Dog, The Replacements, The Strokes, The Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Jack White, Ryan Adams, & Jason Isbell. 

Evan Pease may appear to be the quiet one on stage with his cool persona, dark eyes, and calm swagger, but it is all an illusion. Evan has a very impressive resume of performing on stage for years and we were thrilled to add him to the family. He joined Fritz & Co. in April 2017 during the release of our debut album, Our Beating Hearts, and helped seal our rockin' sound on the bass guitar. In late 2019 after a brief hiatus to graduate from ETSU and enroll in law school, Evan rejoined the band on electric guitar. His favorite pieces of equipment are his Collings 360 LT M, Fender Stratocaster, and trusty Telecaster. Evan is currently in his final year of law school in Knoxville, TN and is expected to graduate in May 2021. He loves cats, cooking, and Derek Trucks.  Evan's musical Influences range from John Mayer to Jason Isbell, with Dawes always having a spot on his playlists. 

Neal Reid rounds out the quartet with his precise, powerful drumming and commendable harmony singing. With a healthy appreciation for modern sensibilities as well as an understanding of the fundamentals of music, Reid's stylistic choices in his performance are impeccable. His abilities as a multi-instrumentalist also shine as he demonstrates his craft. A graduate of Virginia Tech, Neal currently dedicates much of his time to sustainable agricultural endeavors and performing music as often as possible. In addition to performing with Fritz & Co., Neal also performs with a jazz outfit and a three-piece indie group alongside Logan Fritz. In his spare time, Neal frequents Abingdon Vineyard where he serves as a sommelier for some of the region's finest wines. 

Neal Reid

Ryan Eastridge brings to the table the rolling low end thunder that every band wishes they had in their arsenal. With traditional bluegrass roots and an ear for all things funky, Eastridge provides a strong backbone for the group. Ryan's harmonies also serve to enhance the listening experience and to bolster the sound of the group. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys spending time in the great outdoors and sharing memes. He studied History and Appalachian Studies at East Tennessee State University and currently holds a masters degree in Elementary Education. Ryan also has an extensive collection of glass fruit. 

Ryan Eastridge

Tyler Segraves is Fritz & Co.'s rock and brother. Although he left the band to dedicate more time to his daughter, he is always with the group in spirit. Tyler's vivacious spirit and uplifting energy continue to shape the band even though he is no longer on the stage. 

Tyler Segraves

Evan Pease

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