Logan Fritz - Guitar & Vocals


Founder of Fritz & Co. and a fixture at Bristol Rhythm & Roots for the last seven years, Logan currently lives in Abingdon, VA.  He won the Richard Leigh Songwriter’s Rising Star Award in 2014, has performed with regional powerhouses Virginia Ground and Morgan Wade, and currently plays lead guitar for local legend Adam Bolt. 


Tyler Mullins - Bass Guitar

A Familiar face on the Tri-Cities music scene, Tyler's laid-back, locked-in playing is right at home with Fritz & Co.   Former bands include FodderShock, Earth By Train, Hip Gypsy, and he currently thumps bass guitar for Adam Bolt. 


Neal Reid - Drums


From the hills of Meadowview, Virginia, Neal joined the band in late 2019 and hasn't looked back since.  He also plays drums with local jazz trio Post Bop Revival and Adam Bolt.  Former bands include Lodi and Midnight Pony. 



Matt Mullins - Lead Guitar

A Clintwood, Virginia native, Matt is an accomplished regional player with the blues in his veins.  You may have heard his expert slide-guitar playing with If Birds Could Fly, Foddershock and Craig Street. 


Derrick Von Kundra - Band Videographer

The eternal optimist, Derrick is a treasured friend and invaluable member of the Fritz & Co. team.